November 22, 2005

Origin of God Idea… My thoughts…

Posted in Atheism at 12:37 pm by skeptic

Lets go back to some 100’s (or perhaps 1000’s) years back… Human didn’t know how the sun rises and sets, how rain happens, what r the damn clouds and why do they ‘collide’ with each other to produce the immence light and freightening sounds…etc.

With their limited knowledge of that age, they tried to find some answers, but unfortunately arrived at a single inference that there might be some power up there in the skies that does all this…
Now the million dollar question is why on earth did they get this inference only, and why not anything else?
The answer lies in human psychology… (though I’m not a psychologist, I’ll try to give some answer)
In those times, human beings learned almost everything from what they saw, almost like an infant (’cause that was the infancy of human race, obviously)
They learned that they can kill animals to eat, they can light a fire to keep animals away and themselves warm, they can make love to their partners to give birth to youngsters, etc.
They knew it for sure that all these and many more events in their life can be controlled by them.
Now when they wonder about the natural things happening around, its nohting but very natural for them to get the first thoughts that, if them can’t control those, then there must be someone, who’s controlling all these…
Nobody in those ages could have possibly though of any other reasons, can they?

That is how the whole faulty concept ofthis imaginary god came into picture…

Now, as the civilisation progressed, unfortunately the curiosity to discover didn’t progressed with it… It was a loooooooong time before someone could come up with an idea of earth and sun being round and going around each other, or about the circulation of water to form water vapour to cloud to rain, etc…

But before these discoveries came into picture, the concept of the supreme being controlling things were already strengthened into the minds of ppl of those times…

This is again just like an infant growing up… Some things that the human learn in the initial years (including the god concept), are REAL tough to leave the mind and make way for any contradicting thought at all.

Same is the case with the human race… Many faulty beliefs of the mankind have been corrected within last 1000s of years of the human evolution… Most popular ones being:
Earth is not flat, but round… Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa… Rains happens because of water circulaion and not because someone sitting up there is pissing on u, the lightening happens because of a heavy discharge of electrons from the clouds to the earth and not due to the clouds ‘colliding’ with each other in the sky or someone up there beating a drum to scare or alarm you…

OK, so coming to the point… U see, when all these faulty beliefs have been removed over the looooooong time of the human race… The ones still remaining (The gaps ppl talk about) will also be removed in due course of time… Be patient…

Ofcourse, it might not be within ur or my lifetime, but I hope some coming generation after me can enjoy a godless world living in absolute peace and rationality…


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